Ricardo has been passionate about creating music from a young age. At the age of eight he started playing the piano, which led on to guitar and an interest in recording and composing. With a progressive and intricate style of music his talent for writing led him to sell his first song to a music producer at the age of 16. With the money he earned, Ricardo invested in a drum kit, further expanding his musical talent.

With versatility in composing and a keen interest in all areas of sound and music, he went to study Sound Engineering at DuocUC in Santiago, Chile on a scholarship. Ricardo proved to be a student of high calibre, graduating with honours and was that year’s highestranking student.

While studying, he acquired a full-time job working in a studio producing music. With flair and dedication to his craft, it has given Ricardo the opportunity to work for major brands such as Porsche, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Oreo, Colgate, Walmart and many more. He has also produced music for video games, which is his personal favourite area to create for. It allows him to push himself artistically and he loves how it can take the game user on an emotional journey, allowing them to become fully immersed in the gaming experience.

Ricardo’s musical compositions have also allowed him to create a wide range of music: from music for children, to world, tribal and psychedelic music. With his diverse range of writing talent, he is extremely knowledgeable about many audio editing programs such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Cubase, and working with game development platform Unity3d and programming language with C#.

Ricardo now works as an independent producer, writing and creating songs on a freelance basis, working from a high-quality portable studio. He always strives to produce the highest quality tracks for his clients and combine his understanding of musical composition through sound design and music programming to create unique and distinctive products tailored to his client’s needs.